The Explanation for Everything by Lauren Grodstein

The Explanation for Everything: A Novel - Lauren Grodstein

There is a lot to mull over here. I don't think that the Atheist vs. Christian perspectives were presented in an equal manner. I feel there was far more respect shown to the Christian perspective. 


Not to mention, most of the atheist characters seemed like negative characters and influences. 


Until the end. 


Then something happened...spoilery, spoilery, that sort of changed it up.


But the book ended. And I still felt kind of empty. It just didn't have the emotional impact that I had hoped it would.


Lovely writing and dialogue, although there is an ugly comma splice on the first page. 


I feel like the arguments for both sides of the fence were presented kind of poorly. And for a college professor, Andy sure didn't know his subject all that decisively.


So I had issues. I still liked it though. I'll post my full review soon.