Balefire (Balefire, #1-4)

Balefire (Balefire, #1-4) - Cate Tiernan Here's what I got. I forgot that writers used to publish books several years ago without major cliffhangers and no resolution from book to book in a series. Because this was published in 2005 it was totally like that and for the most part, I liked it. I wish they still did that, but I can honestly say I probably wouldn't have bought the second book in the series if they had not all been in the book I purchased. The first book was pretty boring. It felt like not much happened and I wasn't pulled in to the series until about halfway through the second book.Books about witchcraft aren't really my thing, but two things I really did enjoy in this book. Some of the characters were quite memorable. I can't write too much without spoiling things and I want this review to be spoiler free, but I really enjoyed some of the witches. Most of the characters were very well developed and the ones that weren't, I believe that was the way it was supposed to be. The romance(s) were very well done. There was a lot of tension and I liked the way it unfolded. I enjoyed her writing style aw well.I enjoyed the plot, but like a few other reviewers I've seen I did feel the ending was rushed a little bit. Not everything was resolved for me. I still have questions and I don't like ending books that way.The setting was very well done and I enjoyed that and certain places in the novel. I generally like books set in New Orleans anyway.There are a lot of characters in this book(about 20). But if you can get past the beginning when they are all introduced, it will all come together. I promise. They are very memorable and once you get to know them, there is no way you will be able to confuse them with each other. I really did get lost in this book and enjoyed it very much. I'm glad I stuck with it. It's very long, and not perfect, but definitely worth reading and someday I will probably re-read it. Highly recommended.