Wicked Woods (Wicked Woods #1)

Wicked Woods (Wicked Woods #1) - Kailin Gow I hate to give books one star. I contemplated giving it 2, but I couldn't in good conscience do that. I got about halfway through the book and I just had to stop. It was soooo bad. I tried to keep reading, I really did, because I always like to finish what I start, but I just couldn't. Let me explain.Aside from the numerous typos, I felt like I was reading a juvenile attempt at a novel. I have read many, and I mean MANY fan fictions that were better than this. There were no emotions, no character development, nothing. The premise was a great idea for a young adult novel, but the execution was awful. I hate being mean, but I have to be honest. It just wasn't worth wasting my time to continue reading.I'm surprised this book has quite a few great reviews, because I don't get it. Not at all.