Dramarama - E. Lockhart It was good. I liked it, especially the beginning. I was really into it and I guess I expected the story to go in a direction it never went in. I kind of wanted this one to end like a perfectly wrapped package because it seemed like it was going to. But it didn't, and usually I'm okay with that. But for some reason this time I wasn't.Theater people are b*tchy. I know/knew a lot of them, but they aren't THIS b*tchy. None of the characters were particularly likeable, not Demi, not Sadye. I'm used to characters having faults and not being perfect, but the characters here went beyond that for me.I enjoyed the plot, but it wasn't all that original and it didn't wow me. But despite all that I still enjoyed it. Mostly because of the theater theme I think. I was a high school drama club kid. I guess I just wish it was a little more...something.