Intrinsical - Lani Woodland This was one exciting first book in the Yara Silva series. Thank goodness for the lack of a cliffhanger ending. I'm honestly getting sick of those. Everything was wrapped up here and concluded nicely, yet it continues in the next book so I am expecting a completely different plot. Should be interesting to see what that will be. Maybe Yara will get to go to Brazil.So this was REALLY different. A girl that can see ghosts. They are called "wakers." I haven't read anything like this yet. I appreciate the uniqueness that was found in this story. Young adult paranormal has been getting kind of annoying and repetitive lately so this was nice to encounter for a change. The settings were ridiculously creepy and well written. I love vivid settings. I live for those in a novel. That was refreshing to find here. So refreshing that I had nightmares over it that caused me to wake myself up yelling. Way to go Lani. You got me. I was a bit afraid to go back to reading after that, but thankfully no more nightmares. I really enjoyed the character of Yara. She was well written, strong, yet somewhat uncomfortable in her own skin. This is basically the norm for teen girls, at least it was for me and I was thankful to find a normal girl with some really abnormal abilities. She starts out uncomfortable as a "waker" and grows to appreciate herself for who she is. Her best friend Cherie is totally devoted to her and wants her to be comfortable with her abilities. Cherie is obsessed with the paranormal and ghosts, sometimes to her own detriment. Together they make quite a pair.And then there was Brent. What a great character. He was somewhat of a typical guy, a bit of a player, but he ends up falling for Yara and the development of the relationship and friendship between the two of them was refreshing to watch because it didn't happen overnight. It took time to evolve. Brent had his flaws and I love to read about characters that aren't perfect. This is besides the fact that he smelled good and was really hot. That also helps. :)The story was beautiful and the evolution of the relationship was beautiful. The plot isn't something I would normally be interested in and I was a bit skeptical going into it afraid I wasn't going to like it. I was worried I would have to give it a negative review and that would really suck because Lani and I follow each other on twitter and she is such a nice and wonderful person. She apologized to me for giving me nightmares. But thankfully I loved it and that thought never occurred to me. I can't wait until the next one comes out. I'm really looking forward to see what happens next in the series.