Let's Kill Uncle (Bloomsbury Group)

Let's Kill Uncle: A Novel (Bloomsbury Group) - Rohan O'Grady I made a promise to myself that any book I received free from Goodreads or elsewhere I would read all the way through as it's the least I can do as a courtesy for receiving free fun. Until now that has been ridiculously easy. Then I started reading Let's Kill Uncle. I wish they would have killed him faster. If that had happened, I would not be sitting here with my forehead sweating and a feeling of relief coursing through my body. It was not an easy book to get through. Quite difficult actually. I lost count of the number of times I got distracted. I was bored to tears on numerous occasions. I contemplated stopping. But like any experienced climber attempting Mount Everest I refused to stop. I figured I would feel a great sense of accomplishment when I finished. Ehhh...not so much. But I am glad it's over.Why did I hate it so much? Personally I think that the entirety of the story could've been condensed down to 50 pages instead of the 280 that it was. Nothing happened! The only character I liked met an untimely end. What a letdown! The writing wasn't BAD, I just found it remarkably dull. I'm not looking forward to my next Goodreads book to arrive. I'm very skittish about this. I can only hope it's better than this one was. The ONLY good thing I can say about Let's Kill Uncle is that the font was kind of large and therefore the reading went somewhat fast. It would've been much faster if it had been 50 pages. Way too wordy. And the climax, which took entirely too long to build up to, was over in 2 pages. 2 pages! The uncle didn't even enter the story until more than 100 pages into the book! What the bwahhh! I'm done. I could rant forever. I realize that I did not cover characters, setting, or any of that writing stuff, but it doesn't really matter because I simply could not get past the boredom to even concentrate on that. I am jumping into my next book immediately to wash away the grimy feeling I have left from this one. I am tempted to chuck it in the garbage, but I don't want to waste the trees.