Walk of the Spirits

Walk of the Spirits - Richie Tankersley Cusick I finished reading this late last night before I went to bed, but I decided to wait to review it until I had slept on it. Plus if I post my reviews late at night, no one reads them. :)Honestly there are not a lot of good things to say about this attempt at creepy paranormal. The characters were very flat and not well developed, which is not always a problem if the plot is really awesome or I am in love with the setting. Unfortunately neither of those things occurred. But they could've if the writing had been better.Here's something you don't know about me. Well there are a lot of things you don't know about me, but whatever. I absolutely love books that are set in Louisiana. Swamps, plantations, ghosts, aboveground cemeteries, voodoo, etc. Is there any other setting that is creepier or more romantic? So if a book utilizes a setting I love, it should make me fall into it more and get lost in the novel, you would think, right? Wrong....that didn't happen here. I felt like it could've been a great setting, but the author's writing and descriptions fell flat and didn't work for me. Now you add that in with the flat characters and you have just a so-so book. The one thing this novel had going for it was the plot. It moved along quickly, had proper pacing, and was pretty interesting. Totally predictable, but I was pretty sure of that before I read it. Truthfully, it was a little boring and slow in the beginning, but it picked up about halfway through and then kept going.There was an attempt at romance here that was completely confusing. The reason? There were two guys and beside the fact that they were boring and flat, the protagonist seemed like she was more into Gage, but then she shared kisses with Etienne. And neither of the relationships went anywhere. Total dead end.So bottom line is this: Everything was just so-so. Not bad enough to stop reading and chuck the book across the room, but nothing special either. This is going in the graveyard of dead and dropped series. I won't be reading the next book, it's just not worth it.