Fire Study

Fire Study - Maria V. Snyder 3.5 stars really. Why so low when I gave the Magic Study 4 stars and Poison Study 5? Truth? This book wasn't that great. I feel like it didn't reach me like the other 2 books did. I didn't feel as much of a connection to the characters and I also felt like the plot was weaker. I almost felt like the author was trying too hard to squeeze a full third book out. Maybe there should only have been two. Let me put it this way. Poison Study was amazing. One of my favorite books ever. I loved the plot, adored the richly detailed settings, and felt a really strong connection to the characters. They were people I wanted to know. Magic Study wasn't quite as good as Poison Study, but I at least loved the addition of Sitia and the Zaltana clan's treehouses to the settings and the continuation of Valek and Yelena's romance. There was also the addition of Moon Man and Kiki. God I love Kiki. Then I started Fire Study. And it all went downhill from there. It was just...boring. The connections between the characters that had been there in the last two books were just almost nonexistent. Even Valek was boring. Yelena was bitchier and honestly, pretty unlikable! She was so full of herself that it was hard to read at times. I still loved Kiki and Moon Man though. I got really pissed when Yelena was being mean to him. Kiki was the most likable character. I wouldn't have minded if Yelena died. :)I just found myself getting distracted and bored. I finished it because I loved this series as a whole and I wanted closure. I wanted to know what happened to the characters and how it all ended. That's why it gets 3.5 stars. All of my favorite characters are here, and I loved them so much that I was willing to make allowances. Truthfully though, I'm not all that satisfied. I figured out who the villain was in the first twenty pages and there was a death that I didn't particularly care for. But I won't give out spoilers. I don't want to discourage readers to not read the series though. The first two books are remarkable and amazing. Don't let this so-so book deter you from reading the series. It really is worth it. It's not like this book is awful because it's not. It's just when you compare it to the other two books, it just doesn't stand up.