The Emerald Talisman

The Emerald Talisman - Brenda Pandos I can't give half stars here. Three stars is close enough. If I could it would be more like 2.5 stars. So what did I think? I didn't particularly like it. I promise you I have good reasons. They are:It felt like it took FOREVER for the story to get going. Nothing happened for a long time. And by the time things started happening, I was already tired of reading it. It just felt really boring and kind of blah to me. The story just didn't pull me in or do anything for me. I really feel kind of neutral about the entire book. I found myself skipping over paragraphs and only reading the conversation. It's not that the writing was bad, it wasn't, it just felt like so many books I've already read. And they were done better. The characters were decently written, but they weren't anything special. The romance felt ridiculously banal to me. It was very similar to the relationship between Edward and Bella where the guy tries to control the girl and protect her yadda-yadda. Julia was a bit stronger than Bella, but there wasn't anything new here. It felt overdone. The plot was alright, but again it just felt like everything I've ever read before. And I found myself getting bored and I just wanted to finish reading it, so I could review it and move on.Basically what it comes down to though is personal preference. I can see why people would enjoy this book. If you're looking for a romance that's somewhat like Twilight without having to read Twilight again, then you've found it here. Me personally, I'm looking for something more. I've read so many books already this year and I've gotten picky. If I had read this last year I may have felt differently. But now I'm getting into doing these serious reviews and I'm reading all kinds of books that I never would have bothered with before. And I've changed a lot. I'm not saying that's any better than other readers. It's a decent book, it's just not what I enjoy reading anymore. It's a perfectly fine read though. Just don't expect to find anything fresh or original here.