The Switch and the Soul

The Switch and the Soul - R. Chaffee Summary from Goodreads:Trip was a dangerous man, as is any man on a mission from God. He was filled with righteous anger and single-mindedly bent on dispensing justice to the wicked. He was no saint himself, and he knew it, but it didn't take a saint, to know right from wrong. His heart was his compass, and it was leading him to a place where he could find forgiveness for the blood on his soul. Mickey had an appetite for blood. From its silky texture to its coppery taste, he knew its flavor intimately. His palette was finely tuned to weed the good from the bad, the infected from the pure. He was looking for just the right girl, a girl untainted and unspoiled, in a world where innocence was all but lost. His own purity and innocence was not in question. Those facts were as certain as his sanity, and nothing was going to stand between him and the girl of his dreams. Jenny was a regular girl. She was living a regular life. There was nothing strange or abnormal about anything she did. She liked Hannah Montana, Miranda Cosgrove, and Taylor Swift. She loved her mom and dad, and her grandparents too. She was kind and respectful and considerate of others. She was innocent and pure and completely naïve…but all that was before she found the head… before her very mind began to unravel. The truth is never black or white. Wow. What a strange book. Attention horror lovers: This is the book for you. I can almost guarantee you will love it. It is demented, insane, and messed up to the nth degree. It is disgusting, vile, and gory as well. But that's not all you will find in these pages. There is also a great story to be had here. It's a creepy plot, and truthfully, I could easily see this made into a horror movie. The plot kind of moves like a screen play. The characters were ridiculously well-developed and there were only three of them. Most of the time I didn't know what the hell was going on. About halfway through the book things start to come together and make sense. The villain was one of the creepiest villains I have read in a long time. He was grotesque and insane. In other words, he was just perfect. I was terrified of him. And there isn't a lot that scares me. There is quite a bit of physical horror here, but a lot of it is psychological as well. The gore isn't written just for the shock-value. I found the book really interesting and the plot was very original. I didn't have high expectations at all, and to be honest I don't with most self-published books. That's right, this book is self-published. It was a pleasant surprise! I had this one on my shelf for awhile and I kept putting it off. I'm glad I finally got to it. This is not my favorite genre to read for sure, and if you are following my reviews, you already know that. I am also one of the few book reviewers out there that review self-published books. And most of the time I'm glad I take that chance. Reading this book was one of those times. I can happily recommend this book to just about anyone, but particularly horror-lovers. Just keep in mind that there are some super gory scenes and quite a bit of violence. If you happen to like that sort-of thing then you will find it here! The Switch and the Soul is available on Amazon and on Smashwords. Check it out and give it a whirl. It's not a very long book, but there's a lot of fun and fright packed into the pages.