The Silent Box

The Silent Box - D.R. Rux Goodreads Summary:Two years ago, archaeologists Frank and Beverly made the discovery of their lives. Today Frank’s old partner and one of their digging assistants, Romerro, hold up Frank at gunpoint for the new secure location of Pandora's Box that only he knows. However, Bev and Romerro are merely the puppets whose strings are pulled by a sinister puppeteer. The granddaughter of Bev’s old Anthropology professor holds the key to opening the box, which could cause then end of humankind. The only question left to know is, will Frank keep the box from the only one who can open it, or will he fall and leave the world in Pandora’s hands?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~This is completely inappropriate, but can I just tell y'all how much the title of this novella makes me giggle? Yeah, you know what I'm talking about. As for the story itself, it was good. Like I said before, the subject matter is definitely not interesting to me, but I did like what the author did with it. It's a complete retelling of the Pandora's Box myth. The author chose to weave it in with the story of God casting the fallen angel Lucifer out of heaven. I could tell you all about how the story goes, but that would pretty much ruin it.The rest of this review can be found on my blog