The First Dragoneer (The Dragoneers Saga, #0)

The First Dragoneer - M.R. Mathias Summary:Two young men, on the cusp of adulthood go on a hunt they want to remember forever. When they cross a ridge and leave the protected boundries of their kingdom, they find themselves a cavern to explore. Inside the cavern they find exactly what they were seeking..... Lurking inside this hole in the earth is something they will never forget.... If they can live to remember!This is a complete story and a good read for all fans of fantasy! It is a 43 page "Prequel-Novella" to my full length novel - "The Royal Dragoneers" which is available now. I hope you enjoy it! M.R.______________________________________________Quick review here, because this novella is only 43 pages long. But it's a great read! M.R. Mathias has done it again. I really enjoyed reading the story of March and Bren and how the First Dragoneer came to be.Since I've already read The Royal Dragoneers, I'm thinking the first dragoneer will appear as a character in book two which I am dying to read. I need to find out from M.R. when the second book, Cold Hearted Son of a Witch is going to be released. We've already seen the cover(and I love it) but it just makes me want to read it all the more.I cannot rave enough about M.R.'s writing. I have always been a reader that loves to tumble into the setting I'm reading and lose my self and feel like I'm standing right next to the characters. And I like to care about them a lot too. I love books that tug at my emotions. And I really love how he manages to make a fantasy novel feel so real. Like this stuff could actually happen. For a short fantasy novella, he did a great job on all of this. Are you really surprised though?It's free right now to read on Amazon, but it's always free on Smashwords and Barnes & Noble. I would advise reading this as soon as you can and then reading The Royal Dragoneers if you haven't already. Totally worth your precious reading time.