Vs. Reality (Vs. Reality, #1)

Vs. Reality (Vs. Reality, #1) - Blake Northcott,  Jim Deley,  Jennifer  Joseph Goodreads Summary:If your deepest desires spontaneously manifested into reality – giving you powers and abilities once limited to your dreams – what would you do? Donovan Cole hates reality: his body, his job, his relationship…until one night a violent confrontation outside a nightclub causes him to change – instantly infusing him with almost supernatural size and strength. The transformation is only temporary, and before long he realizes that he’s not the only one – people around the world have been manifesting at random, able to bend the laws of physics that govern our universe…but they’re rarely seen or heard from again.Who – or what – is causing them to disappear? What’s the trigger that causes someone to change? And is it arbitrary when someone manifests their powers?Cole is drawn to a beautiful but troubled girl named Dia who is looking for similar answers, but has a solution to the unreliable nature of their newfound powers: an experimental drug known as ‘Muse’ that enables the user to trigger their abilities at will. Battling a powerful and mysterious faction known as The Collectors – as well as their own addictions – Dia, Cole, and a small group of friends race against time to unravel the secrets of their uncanny abilities…but they may not live long enough to find out.--Sometimes dark, sometimes funny, and always entertaining, ‘Vs. Reality’ is definitely not your typical urban fantasy novel; it’s a comic book-inspired, action-packed adventure with colorful characters, some unexpected twists and turns, and a pace that never lets you catch your breath.Review:When Blake Northcott asked me to review her book, I didn't know what to expect. I had never read anything Blake had written before, but I knew that she was extremely popular on Facebook, Twitter, and with comic book people. I don't think I have read a comic book in years. And I knew that Vs. Reality was sort of about super heroes, and I am not a fan of superhero movies at all. So honestly, I was a little bit worried. But I shouldn't have worried. This book was fantastic!!Why? It was action-packed and wow did it ever move fast. So much happened so quickly and I simply could not put this book down. I read it in a few hours. Partly because it was fairly short, but also because I just had to keep reading. It's been a long time since I had such a fun time reading a book! I am very, very excited to continue this series and I am kind of dying to know what happens next!Blake is a great writer. I can completely understand why she was hired to write a book series for an in-development television series. She has a great way with words. The characterizations were absolutely wonderful and I really found myself rooting for them. I thought the idea for the story here was really cool! I don't know how original it was, but I don't think taking a pill to bring out your superhuman powers has ever been done before. Besides, almost all ideas these days are recycled. It's how you put the idea down on paper and make it your own that really matters. And Blake did a great job of that. It's a fantastic story. And one that can be read in a couple of hours. I would recommend this book to anyone that likes urban-fantasy, young adult, or any kind of paranormal read. There are a couple of adult themes that may make it a little mature for young readers, but nothing gets too graphic. I would think that anyone over the age of sixteen could handle it. I cannot wait to read the next book in the series and I will be sure and read anything else Blake has coming down the pipeline.