Babe in Boyland

Babe in Boyland - Blurb:When high school junior Natalie - or Dr. Aphrodite, as she calls herself when writing the relationship column for her school paper - is accused of knowing nothing about guys and giving girls bad relationship advice, she decides to investigate what guys really think and want. But the guys in her class won't give her straight or serious answers. The only solution? Disguising herself as a guy and spending a week at Underwood Academy, the private all-boy boarding school in town. There she learns a lot about guys and girls in ways she never expected - especially when she falls for her dreamy roommate, Emilio. How can she show him she likes him without blowing her cover?Review:Whenever you are in the mood to read a fun, fluffy book that makes you laugh out loud, you must pick this one up. I cannot recommend it enough. Jody Gehrman's writing voice is just so funny. She's snarky, witty, and I love her sense of humor. We laugh at mostly the same things. So obviously this book was highly amusing for me. There's a few other books that Jody has written that I definitely want to pick up now.I wrote down a few quotes that made me giggle:"He's what Chloe would call a POKSI (Physically Okay but Socially Inept).""Nathan Rease is over by the stereo, clutching a blue plastic cup, doing that little head bobbing thing guys do when they can't dance."There were many more and in context they are funnier, but this book was brilliant. I had a smile on my face the entire time I was reading. I don't know if you have ever seen that movie with Amanda Bynes called She's the Man, but I have and this book reminded me a lot of that movie. I loved that movie by the way. Yes, the book and the movie both are unrealistic because I don't think a girl could ever sneak into a boys' school disguised as a guy and get away with it, but who says that things always have to be realistic? The idea in itself was funny and it really worked.Last point I want to make: There are tons of young adult books out there, but not very many that feature strong female friendships. In most of the YA books that I read, girls are at each other's throats over boys, clothes, and/or popularity. Rarely do girls get along and support each other. But this book is a different story. I absolutely loved the friendship and system of support these girls provided for each other. It was refreshing and I think an extremely important idea to get across in teen literature. I'd recommend reading Babe in Boyland to lovers of chick-lit, comedy, and fun young adult contemporaries. It's a quick read and it's totally worth the few hours that I spent reading it.