The Magnolia League (Magnolia League Series #1)

The Magnolia League - Katie Crouch I had some really low expectations for this book. I thought this book was going to be kind of ridiculous. I thought that I would have to suspend my disbelief to unrivaled proportions. Wrong! What I thought would be corny, was so very awesome! This book was probably the most fun I've had so far this year. Once I got started I couldn't stop. I just couldn't put it down! Everything else took a backseat and that is what reading should be!I loved the main character Alexandria. Even though she was a bit whiny in the beginning and kind of unlikeable, she was so much fun to read. Hayes and Madison were so funny! Southern belles to a T. The Buzzards (hoodoo family) were super creepy as well. Basically I loved every character, good or bad. That hardly ever happens to me. Well except Reggie. He was a douchebag. And I'm not spoiling anything. You'll see it coming when you read.Let's talk about the settings for a second. I'm starting to learn that I may hate living in the south, but I sure love reading books set in it. Especially Savannah and New Orleans. My two favorite settings to read about. They are just so atmospheric. And the author definitely knew how to use the setting to her advantage. It's like she weaved this amazing story from the setting alone. She drew her inspiration from everything around her and I know she lives in Charleston so it totally makes sense. I probably have this romantic view now of a Savannah that doesn't really exist, but that's okay by me.For once I am glad to find out that a book I've read is being turned into a series. I want more! I would've been stupidly sad if this was a stand-alone novel. I am seriously addicted to these characters and where this story is going. It's hard for me to reveal anything of the plot without spoiling, so let me just say this. It's about a southern sisterhood, hoodoo, and a cast of really creepy and hilarious characters. Parts of this book had me laughing out loud. It just had everything I love: a great plot, amazing characters, a magnificent setting, and laugh-out-loud funny moments. Plus, I love learning things from books. Things I now know from reading this novel: how to put in and take out dreadlocks, how hoodoo works and how it's very different from voodoo, how the streets are laid out in Savannah,and how southern debutante balls work. Stop laughing at me. You'll love it. Pick this one up. I'm hoping the next book comes out soon or I will be suffering. Oh..and I'm so buying myself a copy of this next month. It's one I will definitely re-read. Loved it!!!