The Hunt (Hunt Trilogy)

The Hunt - Andrew Fukuda If I had only one thing to say about The Hunt, it would be that it was extremely original. I'm not sure that it is a book for everyone-parts of it were pretty disgusting, and the vampires in this novel were grosser than most. I happened to love that though. The plot was suspenseful and the story was unlike anything I have read before. One thing I prize most in a book is originality, and this book is full of it. I know. A vampire book that's original? Who would have thought that could happen anymore?It's not a perfect book, but what it's lacking in background details and world-building, it makes up for in its suspense, tight plotting, and just absolutely fantastic writing. Some sentences are choppy, some long, and it really helped to set the ominous tone for what was to come. I enjoyed the poetic style the book was written in. I like writing and a writer's voice that stands out, and it definitely did here.The story was also filled with delightful doses of humor and I found myself laughing out loud more than once. But then there were times when I had to put the book down because the suspense and story was terrifying me. I was seriously frightened in a couple of places. I usually don't scare easily either. I found that I fell in love with this book from the very first sentence. I knew it would be a book that I would enjoy.One thing I have to talk about without spoiling is the ending. It ended in a pretty devastating cliffhanger. But I kind of loved it because it was one of those revelations where your mouth dropped open in shock. Something happened that I should have seen coming all along but I was just oblivious to it and overlooked it completely. I love being shocked as a reader and it doesn't happen very often anymore. Complaints? The character development was a bit lacking. Which is why I said I wasn't too disappointed by the lack of perfection. The plot more than makes up for it. Even though the protagonist was fairly well-developed, most of the side characters weren't. A lot of scary things happened and I feel like I should have cared for those characters more, and I would have if the author had just spent a little more time on them. I could have also done without the snobbishness of the protagonist and Ashley June. It didn't make me like either of them as much as I could have. I understand why the author made them this way, but it's just going to take awhile for either of them to grow on me now. I also would have loved for some more background and details about how and why the dystopian world ended up the way it did. Since this is a new series, I am hoping more of that information is to come in the next book. Which I will definitely be reading. This book was amazing.Final note: This book was like a runaway train. It kept picking up speed as it moved along and it never did slow down. It kept going until the very end when it crashed into the station and you were left with the aftermath of your thoughts. Loved it!