Fated (Soul Seekers Series #1)

Fated (Soul Seekers Series #1) - Full disclosure. I was worried about reading Fated. Worried because I have heard horrible, HORRIBLE, things about The Immortals series. Most of my blogger friends hate that series and with good reason. I read the first book and never did make it through the rest of the series. I rated it 3 stars, but back then I wasn't as picky as I am now, and I bet you if I reread it, I would probably hate it. What was 3 stars for me back then is lucky to get a 2 star rating from me now. So yeah. I was worried. But I always try to go into a new book with a blank mind and no prejudgements about anything that came before. And you know what? I actually liked this book quite a bit. It wasn't perfect. But it was enjoyable. And there was a great story. I'm a sucker for great imagery, and this book is loaded with it. Almost to the point that it becomes too much. And I know that will be the case for some readers. I can easily see this book being put down and abandoned for something with a much quicker pace. But I actually like my books this way. It allows me to really lose myself in the narrative. There is a ton of gorgeous writing and description and you can really picture the places the author is writing about. I was fairly creeped out while reading a couple of scenes. The writing is stunning. The author really knows how to weave a story. For some, the narrative will be too much. Maybe over the top. But I loved it. There was this one scene that absolutely blew me away. There was this scene where Daire forms a mental bond with a cockroach and is able to see what the cockroach sees and basically become the cockroach. So...sort of astral projection, but into a cockroach instead. And she controls the cockroach to use as a spying device, going into some really messed up places in this nightclub and I just loved that scene. It was written so well and it's so memorable. And I hate cockroaches, so I was creeped out while being mesmerized with all that was going on.The story was pretty awesome too. I love the Native American mythology and the idea of the upperworld, middleworld, and lowerworld. And the portals to get into these worlds. And spirit animals. And I just really thought the book was awesome once it got going. I am really into the series, and I never thought I would come out of this book wanting to dive into the next book right away. Everything in the book was just so detailed and well written. And I can't wait to read more. To me, where the book had issues was the romance. It wasn't offensive, there was no instalove, etc. It actually took awhile for the the characters to get together, but even with all that, it was still soooo corny. Perhaps it was the fact that there was a good twin and an evil twin. And their names were the same with letters rearranged. Dace/Cade. One had short hair and one had long hair. One twin's eyes reflected light and the other twin's eyes absorbed light. Just toooo much. I found it really unbelievable and hard to suspend disbelief for. It felt entirely too cliche. And in a book where I really felt everything else was wonderful, there was this stupid romance. Not a love triangle, at least not yet, but it just went over the top and I found it eye rolling. Meh. And that's why I knocked off a star. Otherwise, I really and truly loved this book. SHOCKING. Quote I Loved:"Wake me when we get there," I mumble, settling in as though I might sleep, when really, I'm just doing what I can to shut out the glowing ones, who are already popping up along the side of the road. Their piercing eyes following--watching--wanting me to know that, like it or not, they're not going away until I do what they ask.Also, this book gets extra awesome points for having a great BFF sidekick that I absolutely adored.