Faith Bass Darling's Last Garage Sale

Faith Bass Darling's Last Garage Sale - Lynda Rutledge So I would totally not rate this if I had not won this through Goodreads. The way their algorithm works is if you do not rate/review the book you have won, the likelihood of you winning another giveaway from them is extremely low. So I basically had to rate this even though I didn't want to.My issue with this book was the writing. I just COULDN'T get into it no matter how hard I tried. I give books about 100 pages to pull me in (I've been told that's too generous by some) and if I'm not into it, I put it down. I normally don't rate DNF books. It's just a policy I have that works best for me. But this book was NOT for me. The characters were annoying and very much caricatures of what southern people are really like. Which would be fine if this book was a satire, but it's not. The writing was amateurish and really kept me disconnected from the characters. So. Much. Telling. Excessive adverbs. Bad flow. I did not find that the transitions from present day to the Alzheimer's memories she kept having were realistic. Not to mention, switching verb tenses from past to present in the middle of a paragraph just left me feeling icky. It just didn't all. In the hands of a more skilled author, this book could have meant something.Just not a book for me at all. I found myself cringing and rolling my eyes on nearly every page. It was either something stupid a character said or did, or the fact that the plot was going absolutely nowhere and just pinballing back and forth between memories and present day with really BAD transiitions. Meh. And I can honestly say there is NO ONE more disappointed than me. When I won this book, I was really excited. The blurb makes it sound amazing. Quite a letdown, this one.