Silver - Talia Vance Silver was loaded with a lot of fun and interesting mythology. The writing wasn't bad. Unfortunately, that's all I liked about this book. There was a bad love triangle, unrealistic characterizations, a shallow storyline, and just what I felt to be some really bad messages to be sending.Yes, I know, this is fiction. I happen to analyze every piece of literature I read from ALL angles. If you are not the type of reader that looks a little deeper and really tries to get into the themes and messages in a book, then this review may not be for you. But I do. And there were times in this book when I got pretty angry. Let me explain.I didn't particularly appreciate how the females were portrayed in this book. Haley, Christy, and Brianna were more like frenemies than friends. They were stereotypical characters and part of the reason why I felt this book was just so, SO, shallow. They treated Brianna like a second class citizen. They didn't want her to go after a guy she liked just because Haley liked him too. But at the time, it didn't seem like Austin had any interest in Haley. And Austin was the first guy that Brianna had ever kissed. Haley had the leadership role in the group and therefore she got to choose any guy she wanted. Haley had never even mentioned Austin before. There were a couple of spots of slut-shaming. And y'all know how I feel about that. Good thing I was over a hundred pages into this book or it would have ended up flying at the wall. Well, maybe not a good thing now that I think about it. I would have stopped reading and not had to write this review. And I am JUST getting started. Let me describe the girls in this book for you. We have Haley, the leader of the group--the beautiful one, snobby and self-entitled; she treats Bri like crap most of the time because she just can. Then there is Christy. She's the stereotypical girl who loves sex and is portrayed as negative. But the guys in this book do similar things and they are demigods. BARF. Oh, and she's also air-headed. At one point she says that she thinks Sigmund Freud is a senior at their high school. Yes, really. Then there's Bri. See if this sounds familiar. She's the quiet invisible girl who thinks she's ugly. But she really isn't. She's actually hot but the bracelet her grandma gave her to wear makes her almost invisible and plain looking. I mean, WOW. This was some original characterization. *sarcasm*Then there is the love interest. Or love interests. Yes, there is a love triangle. As if this book weren't bad enough, on top of it all there is a crappy love triangle. For a major portion of the book, Blake treats Bri like crap. He's a player with girls always hanging all over him and she chases after him and follows him in her car and is a pathetic hot mess. She keeps a record of 57 JOURNAL ENTRIES summarizing their encounters. She says this is because she wants to chronicle how invisible she is, but still. She has been obsessed with this guy for a LONG TIME. And he is a TERRIBLE PERSON. And she stalks him. And lets him say rude things to her. Brianna is not an emotionally healthy girl. This is not normal teenage behavior. Yet it's never stated she is unstable. She is the protagonist. And she is disgusting.Blake continues to reject her, all the while blaming it on the bracelet that makes her invisible, which very well may be true, but I guess what I am saying is that I just think the ideas in this book are pretty gross. That a guy treating a girl like that can be justified by a bracelet. Treating a girl like Blake treats Bri is never okay, no matter what the reason. He tells her he cares about her, and then the next time she sees him, there are two girls hanging on him. And then there is Austin. He actually treats Bri well and seems to care about her, but she can't date him because her friends won't let her. Now here comes the fun part. About halfway through the book, Blake all of a sudden turns into Prince Charming and Austin starts acting like a shithead. Without ANY warning whatsoever. It completely did NOT fit the characterizations that the author had built up. It was a load of crap and it came out of nowhere. Terrible writing. I got over that part though, and once I knew who was who, I was able to enjoy some of the final pages of this book. Like I said, I enjoyed the mythology. It was the characterizations and themes I had an issue with. Before this review gets too long (too late), I'm just going to quickly bullet point the other issues I had with this book:~Too much dialogue and a lack of sensory language.~Some of the writing is choppy and doesn't flow well.~The idea that women are called "breeders." GAG ME. Misogynistic.~There were times when the author infodumped when it would have been told better through dialogue. ~Corny metaphors. See the quote below for an example.~At one point, a girl who was cheated on blamed the girl her boyfriend cheated with but not her boyfriend. Gross.I actually did like the twist. But that's as far as my like for this book goes. I am going to close with the corniest line in the entire book, in my opinion. Although there are many."Bathed in starlight, his light, eyes shining silver. His lean legs are visible beneath the cloth that ties just below his waist. His chest is bare. And when he smiles, my stomach does enough double back handsprings to make the varsity cheer squad."No. JUST, no. This one is not recommended by me. If you choose to read it, do so at your own peril.