My Life, the Theater, and Other Tragedies - Allen Zadoff Every now and then a novel comes along that encompasses everything you are looking for in a book, right at that very moment. The words capture your mind, and the characters capture your heart. The style of writing is so unique that you are mesmerized, you want to savor every word and take your time, yet you can't put it down. That was this book for me. A tall order to fill, I know, yet it did all that and more. Maybe it's because I was a drama club kid in high school. Maybe it's because I was an actress with a crush on a techie. The guy that did lights actually. Maybe it was just that time in my life when everything fit so perfectly together, I was carefree and had no worries. I loved being on the stage and performing in talent shows and plays and having this amazing camaraderie with all the actors and stagehands. Maybe it took me back to my childhood. Yeah, I think that's it.Anyway, back to reality. If you can't tell already, I absolutely adored this book. It wasn't exactly what I thought it was going to be, but that's okay. It may have even been better. I loved the protagonist, so much. Adam was exactly the kind of guy I would've had a crush on in high school. Yeah, he had acne. So what? His personality made him adorable. Flawed. Strong but weak, someone who was mysterious and you would definitely want to get to know better. I got him. Totally. And then there were all the other characters. Wow. I have never read a book that felt like everyone I was reading about were actually real people. Like they were existing somewhere at this very moment. Not characters, real life individuals. I don't need or want to talk about story elements in this review. I think that would ruin everything I'm saying. It's not necessary. Trust's all there.Yes this is a book about real life. There is nothing paranormal here. No fantasy, no fairies or vampires. And God was it ever refreshing. It's funny, a little sad, quirky, etc. It has the ability to put a smile on your face when your head feels like exploding (I had a migraine toward the end of this). I could gush and gush and tell you how much you need to read this book, but I'm not going to. All I will say is this. If you ever felt insecure in high school(everyone) or wished you were a little more brave in real life(everyone), then you should read this book. It has my full seal of approval. I only wish I had it to own in hardback instead of a kindle copy. I want this for my collection? Anyone have one they want to trade?