Bad Taste in Boys

Bad Taste in Boys - Carrie Harris Bad Taste in Boys has so many rave reviews. So MANY of my friends loved it! Going into reading it, I truly thought I would be another fangirling review on the pile. Unfortunately, it was not to be. Somewhere we went wrong, and I think it was the extreme cheese-factor for which I was not able to suspend disbelief. There is a certain level of gross-out humor I can take and there is a certain level of ridiculous comedy that works for me and this book just went above and beyond what I was able to tolerate.And it's not only that. The story was just ho-hum for me. It wasn't original and there wasn't anything that made it stand out. You have a girl that is the assistant trainer for the varsity high school football team. They are the worst team of all-time and haven't won a game in a really long time. So the coach injects them with a performance enhancing drug to make them play better. Only it has a zombie virus in it. Before you know it, the entire school is in danger of becoming zombies because we have zombie football players running around. There is a lot of vomiting, lost appendages, and it just gets really...corny. And it's up to Kate to stop it all. The thing that really sent this over the edge into books-I-don't-like territory was the way the zombie virus was cured. (This is not a spoiler. It was completely obvious by the halfway point that it was going to be cured.) It was completely unscientific and utterly ridiculous. And you know, that's okay if it's believable. But to me it wasn't. At all. And as a lover of science, it just was laughable to me. "But Kara! It's just fiction! Live a little!" Yeah, no. Sometimes I can do that but rarely. It's just not the way I read. Things have to be explained in a logical way for me. Usually. There was not a damn thing about this book that was logical. So why two stars instead of one? Well, the romance was sweet albeit cheesy. The characters were decently written even though they were a little dull. It was compulsively readable and I got through it in a few hours The writing was pretty skilled. I liked the author's style and I think I would read something else she wrote, just not book two of this series. It's going to be about werewolves, and if this book is any indication, it will be loaded with lots of spittle, flying fur, and the mange.