Like Mandarin

Like Mandarin - Kirsten Hubbard DNF.There is no one more disappointed than me, let me tell you. There is no contemporary book out there that I love more than Wanderlove. It is a HUGE favorite. I am a monster fan of this author after that. I expected to love this one maybe not as much as Wanderlove, but I did still expect to like it quite a bit. And unfortunately, I do not.Oh, it's written well. It's a beautiful book. The writing is absolutely gorgeous but maybe a bit overdone. To the point where it REALLY slowed down pacing and the plot. But one of my major issues is, what was the plot exactly? I think this one was more of a character study, which is fine, but it was also really boring and underwhelming for me.And the thing is I know I am pretty much alone on this one. Most people I know loved and adored this book. I wish that were me. But when I am halfway through the book and it is still doing NOTHING for me and I don't really care about the characters at all, I have to stop and ask myself if it is worth finishing. And I decided to put it down as much as it hurt to do so.I don't hate this book. I don't even dislike it. I am just very neutral and not caring. I think for the right person it could totally be the perfect book. But I have trouble with a lot of contemporary novels anyway. It's definitely an it's-not-you-it's-me situation. I will DEFINITELY read Kirsten Hubbard's next book. I'm not rating because for this one it doesn't feel right to do so. Please read it if the blurb interests you. Don't take my word on this one. Unless you have REALLY similar taste to mine. I'm in a weird mood these last couple of days too. Meh.