Fuse (Pure Trilogy)

Fuse - Julianna Baggott This series leaves me feeling conflicted every time I pick it up again. I felt very much the same way after finishing Fuse like I did upon finishing Pure. I awarded that book 4 stars as well. But I sort of feel like they don't deserve that high of a rating, and yet I can't seem to justify lowering it. If you are feeling as confused as I am, let me explain.Most books have likable characters. At least a couple. I can honestly say that I really don't like the characters in this series. It's not that they're hateful or anything, we just don't click. I can say that I disliked them less after finishing this book so I guess they are growing on me a little, but still...not a fan. I do like El Capitan and Helmud though. And then you have the plot, or rather, the pacing. It's hard to explain. There's a plot and it's riveting, but I feel like it could be more suspenseful. These are dystopian novels. Isn't that kind of a requirement? I guess maybe it isn't, but that is what I am used to. The pacing is pretty slow. I would say they are more character-driven novels, but then the characters are so unlikable so I don't know how the hell to explain this. But the reason Fuse gets four stars is because I am completely and utterly sucked in to the world-building. There is nothing quite like it out there. The detail blows my mind. It's like an alternate world completely planned down to the bugs in the earth and the weather in the sky. The mental picture the imagery paints in your mind is like nothing else I have ever read. From the birds in Bradwell's back to the layout of the dome--I just LOVE this world and it's darkness and depression and drama. As far as the plot though, I like where this one went. I adore how it evolved. I love how Pressia is not a weak girl--she's a fighter--I just wish she was easier to like. I think another issue I run into with these books is the tone. Because they are so dark, there is not a lot of room for levity and fun moments between the characters. This makes them not as multi-dimensional as they perhaps could be. And I think this plays into my issues with liking the characters as well. Pressia is always fighting or trying to save something. Bradwell is always trying to protect her or be a downer. El Capitan is always worried about how he is perceived and his inner voice is insecure. You only see one side of these characters. And it makes them tough to love. Not that there is anything wrong with this, it's just not always my thing. I don't do spoilers so I am not going to summarize the plot for you. All you need to know is that I was impressed with where it went. There were a couple of shocking surprises that had my mouth open. I didn't particularly care for the way this one ended. It just kind of cut off and that was it. Not a cliffhanger, not a wrap-up, it just ended. That was kind of a downer. But I am desperate for the next book. I keep hoping that these books will become 5-star reads for me, but something keeps them from that. They are completely memorable though. And details I had forgotten from Pure came to me easily as I was reading Fuse. Normally this would not happen. I forget things easily. I am a brain dumper. But not with these books. And it's partly because they are so unique.Do I recommend Fuse? Absolutely. If you have not started this series, you should. The complexity of what you will be reading is something not found in many other novels. It has my seal of approval.