The Summer Prince

The Summer Prince - I just can't get into this one, so I'm going to DNF it. I could try to push through, but I am SO behind in my ARCs and I really don't have the patience to torture myself with a book I am not enjoying right now. It's not even the type of book I would hate read for the LULZ.Problems? MANY. Choppy writing. Lack of transitions. Lack of flow in dialogue. Unclear descriptions. Basically, the imagery sucks. I am unable to picture the world and its construction. When the author tried to explain why they execute a king every year, sense it did not make. It was very vague and nondescript, and a bit hard to understand! I appreciate the effort the author made into attempting to create this very unique world, and I wish it had not failed in its execution. I suppose it could get better because I did not finish it. But I could not push on because the writing style was grating on my nerves like nails on a chalkboard. There is no one more disappointed than I am. On to the next. Huzzah!