The Explanation for Everything

The Explanation for Everything: A Novel - Lauren Grodstein Edit (6/6/13):So I had a nice discussion with the author this morning (6/6/13) and I am happy to tell you I was wrong. I love being wrong. We discussed her blurb and how it's misleading and she said she would pass on my thoughts to the publisher, but see the following:They are sending me a galley so I will be reviewing this on the blog and right here. So stay tuned!!I'm leaving the bottom part where I got angry yesterday as a reference to this updated part. I will probably delete it ALL when I review the book.-----------------------------------------------------------------------The following blurb from LibraryThing pisses me off. Atheists must be unhappy, right? LOL no.Lauren Grodstein’s New York Times bestselling novel A Friend of the Family was hailed as “such an incisive diagnosis of aspirational America that someone should hand out copies at Little League games and ballet recitals” (The Washington Post). Now, Grodstein has created another insightful and gripping morality tale about love, loss, and faith. Biology professor Andy Waite is finally beginning to pick up the pieces years after a drunk driver killed his wife. Between finishing his research and taking care of his young daughters, he has reasons to get through the day, and most days he does without falling apart. That is, until a young female student enters his life and turns it upside down. Melissa Potter is a passionate evangelist hoping to write the definitive paper about Creationism. She makes Andy’s Darwinian certainty—and his grief—a personal challenge. As she chips away at his fervent atheism, he begins to fully realize the emptiness that he’s been living with for too long. But when Andy’s relationship with Melissa becomes romantic, the boundaries he’s worked so hard to maintain— personally and professionally—blur. And soon it’s unclear what kind of deliverance he needs. The Explanation for Everything explores humankind’s insatiable search for meaning, the risks and rewards of faith, and the salvation that love can offer us all.