The Resurrectionist: The Lost Work and Writings of Dr. Spencer Black

The Resurrectionist: The Lost Work of Dr. Spencer Black - E.B. Hudspeth I think this review might be a short one. Simply put, The Resurrectionist was a work of fiction with a great premise but was majorly lacking in execution. It's supposed to be a fake biography of this doctor who ends up doing horrible experiments on animals. The short biography is about his life growing up and descent into madness. The problem it, it's too short. It's dry, and it's boring. Biographies tend to have this encyclopedic style that state the facts without much emotion, but still, I have read some great ones that managed to hold my interest throughout. This one took up less than half of the 208 pages, and even then I found my mind wandering and forcing myself to finish. It's not poorly written if you are reading a desk set of Encyclopedia Britannicas. But I expected more. I was told about his life and experiments throughout the book and I wanted to be shown--I wanted to feel something, anything. But instead, I nearly fell asleep. And then...THEN the book gets really graphic. Which I wouldn't have minded if there was something else with substance in its contents. There are some pretty gruesome vivisection scenes where he tries to create these mythological creatures with living animals, and BLECH. I should have known based on the blurb what I was getting myself into. I've read a lot of horror novels in my time, so I know I can handle it if I have to, but not if it's the ONLY thing there.Honestly, if it weren't for the gorgeous illustrations at the end, I would probably be 1-starring this. But they ARE amazing drawings. Unfortunately, they are not enough to recommend buying this book. I wouldn't mind having one up on my wall, in say, a library or a study, but it's truly the only part of this book that's decent. And then if you read the acknowledgements, it kind of explains why. The author did the illustrations first but had to build a story around them to get them published. After all, who would just buy a book with drawings of mythological creatures? Well, some might, but not most people. So yeah. I can't really recommend this one and that makes me sad.One of my favorite drawings: The Minotaur