Demon Catchers of Milan, The (Demon Catchers of Milan - Trilogy)

The Demon Catchers of Milan - Kat Beyer This is gonna be a DNF. I DNFed at 30 pages. I did not realize the entire book revolved around an exorcism. I did know it started out that way but I figured it would transition into something more and it doesn't seem like that will be the case. I'm not criticizing the subject matter at all, it's just that I am an atheist and I have a really difficult time suspending disbelief for books that revolve around religion. It's also why I tend to stay away from angel books.The other issue I was having is the writing. It just wasn't clicking with me. It felt very telling. Too much dialogue and no sensory language. There is no way I can get through this book without being stressed out, and considering I just finished two very mediocre books, I need to read something good. It's best that I move on.