Sixteenth Summer

Sixteenth Summer - Michelle Dalton Oh God this book is so cute and sweet and it just gushes and oozes teenage romance. It's the kind of love all us girls wanted when we were teenagers. This was our fantasy when boys were pulling our hair, and being pigs, and beating each other up. I almost had something like this once, but I was fourteen and it only lasted a week.Sixteenth Summer is set on a fictional island off the coast of Georgia called Dune Island. But really it isn't fictional. Because I did my research and the fictional Dune Island is really Tybee Island, which truly exists. Highway 80, which is featured in the book, ends there. It was also where The Last Song with Miley Cyrus was filmed. Another great romance. If you can get past the Miley Cyrus part. I'm not sure if all the places are real, but who cares?The main characters are Anna and Will. They spend the entire summer together getting to know each other. Will is from New York City and his parents have just split up. He comes down to the island with his mom and brother Owen for summer vacation. Anna is hesitant to get to know him at first, because the townies and summer-vacationers don't usually mix or get along well. But it all sounds like a bunch of stupid prejudice mumbo-jumbo to me anyway. There are many times while reading this book where I found myself laughing out loud. So I'm going to quote it here. "When my mom talked about her near miss with the legal profession, she always made it sound like she'd caught the last lifeboat off the Titanic." LOL! It's funnier in context. But there were plenty of one-liners like this that made me giggle.Anna and Will end up falling in love and it's bittersweet because at the end of the summer Will has to leave to go back to New York. Anna can't help thinking about this all the time. And it bothers her a lot, but Will tried to convince her to live in the moment and just enjoy being together. She eventually ends up finding a happy medium of sorts, but when Will really does have to leave it is oh so sad and ridiculously depressing. I cried. I sobbed. I'm a stupid girl I know, but if you don't at least tear up then you are a heartless person. Anyway, this book was really touching. It was simple, but the atmosphere the author created and the imagery were great. Sometimes it was like I could almost taste the salty Tybee Island air on my tongue. Gorgeous book and so romantic. Totally a book for girls by the way. But I'm pretty sure you knew that already.