Anna and the French Kiss

Anna and the French Kiss - Stephanie Perkins I was so conflicted on what rating to give this book. 4? 5? 4? 5? This is because I really really enjoyed it, but I don't know how memorable it was. If, in a month I can still remember most things about it then it will keep its 5 star rating. If not, it'll get 4.It's hard to review a book when you really enjoy it. I can say how it made me feel. It made me happy, it made me squee at times, but it also pissed me off. A LOT. Etienne is not perfect. He's not the perfect man. Sure, I adore him, but there were several times when he was pretty stupid. Let's be honest here. Yes, he made me swoon, but the way he kept Anna hanging on, well it almost made me sick. And then for him to say that he thought she didn't like him because she didn't respond to his drunk declaration of love, seriously? I would've done the same thing she had. Who wants to be a home wrecker? O.K. I'm done bitching now. Just think about it. It ended up all happy and wrapped up in a nice bow, and it was a beautiful love story, but he was a stupid, stupid boy. I loved it though. Le sigh. He was swoonworthy. Oh and as an afterthought, the rest of the characters were great too. ;o)