Divergent (Divergent Series #1)

Divergent (Divergent Series #1) - Goodreads Summary:Beatrice "Tris" Prior has reached the fateful age of sixteen, the stage at which teenagers in Veronica Roth's dystopian Chicago must select which of five factions to join for life. Each faction represents a virtue: Candor, Abnegation, Dauntless, Amity, and Erudite. To the surprise of herself and her selfless Abnegation family, she chooses Dauntless, the path of courage. Her choice exposes her to the demanding, violent initiation rites of this group, but it also threatens to expose a personal secret that could place in mortal danger. Veronica Roth's young adult Divergent trilogy launches with a captivating adventure about love and loyalty playing out under most extreme circumstances.Review:I had very high expectations for Divergent. Almost every blogger that I love and respect adored this book. Most authors did too. The movie rights have been sold to Summit. So naturally, I was expecting to be blown away by this book. And sometimes, that is not such a great thing for a book to be saddled with. I have read a lot of great books this year. Books that blew me away. Books that I will praise for years to come. And sadly, Divergent is not one of them. Now, before you start sending me hate mail, I DID like Divergent. In fact, I liked it a lot. It just didn't make me crap my pants like it did so many others. It actually took awhile for me to warm up to the story. I wouldn't say I was bored with the first half of the book, but I didn't feel that all that much happened. I can pinpoint the exact moment when I finally felt that I was fully into the story. It was when Tris and Four entered Four's fearscape. From then on, I thought Divergent was great. I appreciate the originality that went into the story. I love dystopians and post-apocalyptic books so much, but sometimes they can feel a bit repetitive. Some of them are not all that different from others in the genre. Not so with Divergent. It was really unusual. The different factions and the way society was ran was extremely cool. And then there was the world-building and the different headquarters, the train, the marsh that is Lake Michigan. By the way, I would probably be an Erudite. Just in case you are wondering. Possibly Candor. Intelligence and honesty. That's me! :)I liked the romance between Tris and Four, but because I didn't really see it as central to the plot, I didn't focus on it too much. But they did have great chemistry and I really like the way it played out. I loved Four as a character and I am anxious to see how he develops as the series progresses. By the time war broke out toward the end, I couldn't put the darn thing down. I finished this book rather quickly. I am definitely excited for Insurgent. I would say that I really liked Divergent but I didn't love it. That being said, I cannot wait to read the next book in the series.One last question: Who drives the friggin train?