My Soul to Take (Soul Screamers Series #1)

My Soul to Take - Rachel Vincent Gosh, it's hard to say what I feel about this one. I have mixed feelings for sure. I liked it BUT(and there's a big but), I found it really hard to suspend my disbelief at times. Isn't that funny though? I can suspend my disbelief fine for vampires, angels, faeries, and witches, but when it comes to banshees I just can't do it. Ha ha.Truthfully, other than being about banshees, there was nothing unique to this storyline. The plot was quite cliche and I felt a major lack in character development, as in there really was none. The characters were very flat, and it was really hard to picture anything about the book in my head. The only time I had a clear picture was during the memorial at the school. And the wailing. I knew how that would sound in my head. Basically again, here we have another young adult novel with a great concept, but not such a great execution. It gets three stars based on idea and suspense, even if it was predictable. Maybe the other books in the series will be better. Here's to hoping!!