Unremembered - Unremembered actually started out great. I liked the idea of this girl being the only one found alive at sea amongst the wreckage and bodies of a plane crash. Then we learn that she wasn't on the passenger manifest at all, so how did she get there? She has amnesia and doesn't remember anything at all, so it's a complete mystery. I was involved in that and the book started out great for me and I couldn't wait to find out more.Unfortunately, a little more than midway through the book, it all fell apart. I don't know what happened or why exactly, but it was the combination of the plot letting me down and the nausea of another instalove relationship that really got to me and made me start rolling my eyes in disgust. That's right, disgust. Let's start with that then. I am not a fan of relationships in YA where all the couple does is dote on each other and act sappy and pathetic. I like strong people, some independence, outside interests, etc. I realize with a plot like this that's sort of difficult to accomplish, but I would have liked to see there be more to Sera and Zen other than each other. Not only that, but the chemistry between the two of them was totally not working for me. So yeah, the relationship was a bit nauseating and a lot pathetic.I also had issues with the way the story arc was unraveled. The way this book started you would have thought that there was going to be a big reveal, a big shocker, some surprise, something. But that's not the way the author chose to unravel the story. Little by little, piece by piece things were revealed and it ended up being very anticlimactic. There was no big reveal. It ended up being like every other YA novel out there. I know readers that are big fans of R.J. Anderson's Ultraviolet, and I was sort of expecting something like that to happen here. But this ended up being a complete letdown. I did like the author's writing style for the most part, but there were times when it was too choppy and didn't flow well. This happened mostly toward the beginning and I guess maybe I got used to it and then I didn't notice it as much anymore. I liked the tone of her writing and I liked her word choices, but the book was a little less vivid than I would have liked it to be.The book was a page turner alright, but I was never fully engaged, and the more I read on, the more the book lost me. I normally like books like this. But this one completely did not work for me. It started out as a 4 star book in my mind and there were times when I almost wanted to drop it to one. It wasn't quite THAT bad but it was pretty disappointing. So no, I cannot recommend this one, unfortunately. I wish I could say otherwise. I was anticipating this book more than I was anticipating most books this year. *sad face*