The Host: A Novel

The Host - Stephenie Meyer I had to sleep on this one before I reviewed it. Plus,it was really late and I didn't feel like writing what I was sure to be a difficult review. Because I adored this novel. It was amazing for me and I almost didn't give it a chance, and in the end I am so glad I did, even though I totally messed up my sleeping pattern as a result of reading this. There is a lot of hate for Stephenie Meyer out there because of the Twilight series, which for the most part I enjoyed. This book was completely different and impossible to compare to that series. But it saddens me that perhaps people won't give this one a chance because they hated the Twilight Series so much. Yes, she's Mormon. Yes, there is no sex in her novels, but I feel like there doesn't need to be. Her female characters tend to be weak, and have men protecting them. That is also here. But there was also something quite unique about it. It's difficult to put my finger on, but I just felt like the connections and the relationships here among the last remaining humans and Wanderer were what made the book so enjoyable. She has a lyrical way of writing that makes things flow so easily. I think that's part of what made it so hard to stop reading. She writes emotions better than almost anyone and I found myself torn and confused about how I was feeling in several places. I shouldn't feel sympathy for this character etc. There were times when I was sad(I cried, loser, I know), angry, excited, and scared. And it all felt very real. This is what she does well. She writes villains well too. There were characters I absolutely hated. There was quite a bit of violence and it made me want to hurt someone. Seriously.I was fascinated with the world she created. The underground cave system, the other planets, etc. It was fascinating. And described very well, but not in a tedious way. I love descriptive paragraphs, but they can definitely go overboard. I've seen it happen many times. You won't find that here. I thought the lava tubes where they lived was absolutely fascinating and felt oh so real. Let me talk about the characters themselves. That was not a request. Besides Wanderer(and she was wonderful), my favorite character was Jeb. I adored him and the way he looked out for her. I love the fact that he did it expecting nothing in return. She was just another alien right? Strange, but wonderful. I liked Ian also, but he was basically Edward Cullen with a different name. Honestly, it's hard to talk about the characters. I loved them so's hard to talk about something that was practically perfect. Just read it if you haven't already. You are missing out. Make sure you give this book a chance though. It is definitely a slow and confusing starter. It didn't really draw me in in a crazy way until about page 150. So it takes awhile. But it was worth it. Beautiful novel about relationships.